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2011 Guests Comments

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27/07/2013 Daniel Holsey (age 9)

Very nice people, nice home, nice room. Good service, good room service, great breakfast, friendly dog. No noise at all.
We had our own room key which was great. Would strongly recommend it. It was great! Love Daniel.
(Online Review)

23/07/2011 Penny and Andy Chamley

Fantastic 2nd stay beautiful accomodation lovely welcome and atmosphere will stay a 3rd time!
(Online Review)

05/09/2011 Scott

17/08/2011 Sher, Ali, Ben and Tim

15/08/2011 Susanne, Gerol, Carla and Lorenz

10/08/2011 Jane, Mike and James

09/07/2001 Rosie and Simon, Bruce and Brenda

08/06/2011 Meg and Gordon

04/06/2011 Pete, Pete and Vicki

27/05/2011 Goeff and Gemma

24/05/2011 Pam, Judy and Aubrey

05/05/2011 Phill

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