Out & About


A Hidden Delight

Equipping ourselves with the iWalk Cornwall Kings Wood and Pentewan we headed off on a beautiful June afternoon to explore. Not an area we are particularly familiar with but we will definitely be returning. It was a great walk, even for little legs (Tegen’s not mine!) It’s fairly flat and took us through gorgeous, green woodland and along parts of the Pentewan Valley trail. This is where iWalk Cornwall comes in to its own with great information about the area and its history as you are walking.



Enchanting and Educational

Haven’t been here for a while and so glad we found time to visit again.
Took about 45 minutes to get there from Degembris and was well worth the journey.
Delicious meal in The Barn Restaurant before we started our tour around.
The children had a trail to follow which they thoroughly enjoyed, especially spotting the clues amongst the stunning surroundings.
Great activities to take part in at the Quay and a great spot to sit and admire the view, or run around and let off steam (just as long as you don’t fall in the water!)
The mill was also fascinating and would love to go back to watch the bread and goodies being made from the flour.
Lovely friendly volunteers and even a bit of sunshine, what more could you ask.


Fun in Falmouth

Can’t quite believe it has taken us until now to visit this amazing museum, so much to see and do we weren’t sure what to tackle first.
Some incredible stories conveyed here through the many boats on display and some great hands on stuff for the kids, well worth a visit.